Your Local is there to help you at a grassroots level. It's made up of people who work where you work (and it's also a great place to start getting involved with your union!)

These local branches are designed to represent union members who belong to a specific employer group or, in other cases, belong to a specific geographic area.

Local leaders are well-equipped to help members because they are very familiar with their workplace’s culture and reoccuring issues. You could say that they're the eyes and ears of the union.

If you need advice on a workplace issue, are concerned about protecting your rights, or are experiencing discrimination or harassment, we highly encourage you to contact your Local union representative. These members are sworn to confidentiality and are trained to provide you with the assistance you need. Locals also work jointly with our National Labour Relations Officers to ensure you receive the best services possible.

Don’t forget: there’s always someone in your union ready and willing to help!

To find out more about your Local, please use the drop-down menu below:

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Do you share a passion for defending your rights in the workplace and improving working conditions for others? Consider joining your Local at one of their meetings! For more information on how to get involved with your Local, please contact your Chief Steward or email







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